• Honor God
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Provide Assurance
  • Individuate Presence
  • Endeavor in Serving Humanity


Though popularly considered American, the traditional cowboy evolved from strong Spanish roots. While most hacendados (ranch owners) were ethnically Spanish, many early VaQueros were of the Mestizo culture having been trained to work for the Spanish missions caring for the herds and tending the land and crops it produced. These VaQueros creatively combined attitudes, philosophy, and use of natural resources to develop many of the techniques taken on by the Texas cowboy and American culture in general.

VaQueros were proverbial cowboys-rough, hard-working Mestizos who were hired by the criollo caballeros to drive cattle between Texas and Mexico City. They were also well versed in various other trades such as agriculture & farming. The title, though denoting a separate social class, is similar to caballero, and is a mark of pride. This was a new breed of worker who was very different from the vaqueros of old Spain, who generally herded docile cows on foot. VaQuero's were loyal to those that gave them work opportunities, and most were faithful Christians with strong beliefs in God. However poor and humble the lives of these new VaQueros may have been, they were horsemen!

The VaQueros may have been poor and of low social status, but the fact of being horsemen among other things gave them a sense of pride and power that no poor people had known before. Aside from the farming and agricultural techniques engrained in their very essence, they were skilled riders who worked with wild animals regularly facing the dangers of the frontier. The basic attitudes of the VaQuero, were founded on social or economic necessities, which evolved to become a genuine folk-culture. They valued bravery and disregarded personal danger; comradeship with peers; loyalty to the hacienda (ranch) and its brand; hard work from sunup to sundown; and the determination to ride any horse that lived; skill with the rope and a disdain for work that could not be done in the saddle.

The VaQuero Group embraces this heritage and we apply these ideals to our given industry. As we traverse the new frontier of the "Green Movement", we incorporate ageold principles and bring them to our profession in a modern sense. We are sensitive and aware of our natural resources from the water we drink, ground we cultivate, and air we breathe. We look to enhance Texas Landscape, and individuate our presence by remaining ever conscious of the impact our own industry practices have on nature. This engrained VaQuero mentality yields to provide our team a strong work ethic and unprecedented ingenuity in accomplishing our goals, not letting minor details or challenges stand in the way to exceed the expectations of our clients and provide assurance of quality.

VaQuero Commercial, "To Us Landscape is Second Nature."